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Helping communities develop their full potential.

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We empower communities with industry-leading training and consulting services.

What Shapes Us

This visual journey, a key part of our recent rebrand, unveils the unique elements that define TDA.

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Training Services

We Are Specialists

We are a trusted source of industry-leading, in-demand training programs and workshops that meet your diverse needs.

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Consulting Services

We Are the Boots on the Ground

Our work is supported by our staff’s decades of experience in the field and a deep wealth of knowledge across a range of focus areas.

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Targeted and Strategic Planning Services

Delivering top-quality solutions, tailored to local conditions.

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Focus Areas

Disaster Recovery

TDA aids in disaster recovery with planning, coordination, and service delivery. We prioritize program integrity and resource efficiency for effective community rebuilding.

Economic Development

TDA specializes in housing and economic development, assisting governments with revitalization programs that comply with HUD regulations and achieve comprehensive neighborhood revitalization.

Affordable Housing

TDA helps state/local agencies comply with HOME rule changes. With 20+ years experience, we offer expert guidance on affordable housing programs and ensure HUD compliance.

Vulnerable Populations

TDA is experienced in special needs issues such as homelessness, mental illness, and rural housing. We support local implementation of HUD programs like McKinney-Vento, CoC, and ESG, drawing on our staff's firsthand experience.

Sustainable Living

TDA assists government and nonprofit organizations with green and resiliency planning. Our expertise includes energy efficiency, sustainability, funding, and regulation compliance. We partner with HUD, the EPA, and the U.S. Department of Energy to achieve community goals.

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