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Online    |    April 8, 2024

Advanced Financial Management Series - Session 2: A Primer on Indirect Cost Rate


Session 2 of 5 of TDA’s Financial Management Series


Indirect costs are costs for common or joint purposes within an organization that benefit all programs or projects. While the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provides guidance on indirect cost rates in 2 CFR 200, for many people they remain a mystery. Join us for 90 minutes as we pull the curtain back on indirect cost rates and explore the requirements and options you and your partners have. 

This online training is a stand-alone course offered as part of an advanced financial management series focused on helping participants gain a deeper understanding of the principles of sound financial management practices and to implement them in their organizations. 

Instructor: Dionne Roberts

Participant Pre-training Assignment:  N/A

Training Date and Time: The session date is April 8, 2024. The session will be held 2:00pm-3:30pm EST. (You will be able to sign-on at 1:45pm to ensure readiness at session start time.) 

Location: Online