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Dionne Roberts

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dionne Roberts has 30 years of experience as synthesizer and catalyst with a history of developing and sustaining productive relationships and partnerships with communities, citizens, and stakeholders.

A national expert in affordable housing, disaster recovery and community development programs, Dionne has worked directly with more than 150 communities and trained more than 5000 community development professionals. As President and CEO, she leads TDA’s overall strategic development and works directly with our partners to advance service delivery opportunities. 

Prior to TDA, Dionne worked in the nonprofit, local government and national policy arenas developing and implementing integrated approaches to community and economic development needs that reflected the values, diversity, aspirations, and priorities of communities. She is adept at the development of policy approaches that enhance the provision of programs and the identification of resources to facilitate direct development. 

Dionne has a Bachelor’s degree in African American Studies from Syracuse University, a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from the American University School of Public Affairs, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Organizational Change and Leadership at the University of Southern California.